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  1. League is 4 v 4 - Do your best as coaches to rotate the players in and out every 4 minutes
  2. All games will consist of (4) 8 minute quarters - have a coach or parent keep time
  3. Games will utilize a colored wrist band system.
        Players will wear a color based on talent level and height
        Feel free to designate talent to color with your opposing coach
        Do your best to downplay this system with your players to avoid any stigmas
  4. Only 2 coaches should be on the court on opposing baskets.
        These coaches should instruct from the court as well as officiate.
        Please be vigilant in instruction especially with ball handling violations (double dribble and travel) as well as fouls on and off the ball.
        Allow players to shoot foul shots for fouls made in the act of shooting
  5. No full court press whatsoever
  6. Please refrain from stealing from the dribbler
  7. No pressing the ball after half court.
        Defense MUST ALLOW the first offensive pass without stealing.
        After that initial pass, defense can intercept and steal the ball.
        Please be vigilant with this as it allows an actual game that resembles basketball to occur.
        Again, please refrain from pressuring the ball handler as that prevents a natural rhythm.
  8. Please refrain from excessive fast breaking
        We understand that it can be exciting however it does not teach them organized basketball.
        Periodic fast breaks are fine, however, stress the players setting up an actual offense.  This will pay off when the players move up to the next level.
        Oherwise teach the kids good fundamentals and team play.
        Move the ball around and find an open man and/or the best shot on the court.
        Stress high percentage "easy" shots.
        Remember that 3rd grade becomes REAL basketball