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This division is still instructional, but also competitive.  The rules are very basic

  1. League is 4 v 4
  2. Maximum team size is 8 players
  3. Four (4) 8-minute quarters.  Clock stops for substitutions every 4 minutes, for injury, and for foul shots only.  Otherwise it's a continuously running clock.
  4. The clock will stop on the blow of the whistle during the last minute of the game.
  5. All players must sit out once per half unless you have 5 or less players.  If only 5 players then each player must sit out one 4-minute period per game.
  6. Minimum playing time is 4 substitution periods (approximately 16 minutes) per player.
  7. A player must not sit 2 consecutive substitution periods.
  8. Two options when foul shooting:
    ◦ Players may shoot from behind the regular foul line.  If in the shooting process, they cross over the foul line, no violation should be given.
    ◦ Players may shoot from the blue taped line which is one tile up from the original foul line.  Players can not have their foot on the blue line or cross over the line since they are already at an advantage of shooting one tile up from the original line.
  9. No backcourt press
    ◦ Once a team brings the ball over the mid-court line, the backcourt extends back to the foul line in both White Rock Upper and Stanlick APR.
    ◦ Once player crosses half court and a whistle is blown to cause an inbound pass. Backcourt resets and your now granted that free space to pass the ball to.
  10. Every team makes a single elimination playoff based off of regular season standing
    ◦ Tie Breakers are determined in this order.
    1 - Head to Head
    2 - Point Differential

    3 - coin flip
    ie: 3 teams tied and:
    Team 1 beat Team 3; Team 2 Beat team 3; Team 1 beat team 2
    In the above example since 1 beat 2 and 3 they would be top seed, Team 2 beat team 3 so 2 would be 2nd seed followed by team 3. If they all have 1 win against each other or still tied move to point differential.
  11. A two-minute overtime will be allowed for tied games.  However the overtime must begin ten minutes before the start of the next game.  Overtime is a two-minute running clock, stopping for foul shots and time outs only. 
  12. C division will be required to play man to man defense the entire game. Trapping or double teaming above the key is not allowed and each team will get one warning per half and after that a technical foul will be called on the team. 
  13. Please also remember the head coach is responsible for the conduct and behavior of substitutes, disqualified team members and all other bench personnel.  At no time should the Assistant Coach be standing up yelling to the refs and/or players.


    Stand in the coaching box at any time.

    Go to the table to seek information at any time.

    Speak directly to the refs during or after the game



    Leave the bench at halftime.

    Stand during time‐outs or intermissions.

    Attend to an injured player after being beckoned.

    Spontaneously react to a play.


    Any violation of the bench rule by an assistant coach or any bench personnel is charged to the offender and an indirect technical foul charged to the head coach.

    NOTE:  Any bench personnel may rise to applaud an outstanding play or applaud a player that has been replaced, but must be seated immediately.