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Applicable to All Divisions: Failure to adhere to the following rules may result in at least a one game suspension. Any participant found using foul language, unsportsmanlike conduct, and/or fighting may be suspended for a minimum of one game. In free-throw situations, the two marked lane spaces closest to the end line will be vacant effective with the 2009-10 season. Games shall be played in accordance with the most recent High School Basketball Rules for Boys and Girls as published by the National Federation of State High Schools Associations. Kansas City, Missouri and as amended below. Coaches: Two coach maximum on the team bench. Head coach only may question referees.

  1. Four 8-minute periods will be played. Clock will stop around the 4 minute mark by the referees whistle for substitutions only, not to be used as a time out.
  2. Minimum playing time will be 16 minutes per player.
  3. Any player that did not play the previous period must play the next period.
  4. All players must sit out once per half, unless you have 6 or less players.  If only 6 players then each player must sit out one 4 minute period per game.
  5. No substitutions will be allowed during any period (except for injury or a player incurs 4 fouls).
  6. Running clock: Clock will stop for shooting fouls only. The clock will stop the last 2 minutes of the half and the last 2 minutes of the game if time permits.
  7. Three-minute half time break. (Referee may shorten depending on time)
  8. Three one minute time outs per game.
  9. All games must start and end on time.  It is the responsibility of the referee and coaches to enforce the time schedule.
  10. A two-minute overtime will be allowed for tied games.  However the overtime must begin ten minutes before the start of the next game.  Overtime is a two-minute running clock, stopping for foul shots and time outs only. 
  11. Three point shots count.
  12. Mercy Rule:  All pressing will stop when a team has a 15 point lead on the opposing team.  Pressing may resume when the teams lead falls to 10 or below.
  13. Back court defense/pressing rules:  Once a defensive player secures control of the ball in his/her backcourt, all opposing players must clear to the front court beyond the mid-court line and not defend an offensive player with the ball until that player or the ball enters into the front court.  For each half-1st offense- One warning shall be allowed to each team.  2nd offense- A Technical foul will called against the violating team and 2 foul shots will be award to the offensive team.    Full court pressing allowed the last 2 minutes of the first half and the last 2 minutes of the game.  
  14. Any player receiving two technical fouls for conduct in one game shall be removed from the game.  Any coach that receives 2 technical fouls in a game must leave the building. If there is no Assistant Coach present the game will be forfeited.  Coach will be reported to the league for disciplinary action and must serve at least a one game suspension. 
  15. All players, coaches and attendees must abide by character counts rules.
  16. Hall monitors need to be supplied by the head coach of each team.  At no time should anyone attending a game be hanging out in the hallways, bathrooms or locker rooms. After two warnings offenders are to leave the building.