Sponsored By:   Junior Womans Club of Jefferson Township
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HS fed. Rules will be followed,  All JBA rules will apply except for the following:

  1. Three (3) time outs per game, 1 minute for each timeout.
  2. O.T. games -- 2 Min running clock, only one time out may be called.
  3. 20 Min running clock, stops on fouls shots [ time permitting ] may need to go back to full running clock if games run behind. 
  4. Subs will be made around 15,10,5 min. mark remaining in each half.
  5. Player may be subbed out for the following:   4 fouls or injury.  Opposing coach must be notified of sub.
  6. Stop clock with 2 min left in game.  May make subs on next dead ball at this time if player has played minimum  of 20 min in game.
  7. if 6 players,  each player must sit one 5 min period.  If 7 players each player must sit one 5 min period per half.  Player sitting out must go in next rotation of subs,  including halftime.
  8. Teams will get a 5 min. grace period to start the game.
  9. Team must have 5 players to start or forfeits the game.
  10. Any player getting 2 technical fouls will be ejected and will sit the following game.
  11. Any coach getting 2 technical fouls will be ejected will sit the following game.
  12. Any player fighting will be ejected and will sit the following game.  The JBA Character Counts Committee will determine any further suspensions.
  13. Playoff games will be double elimination format
  14. If a game is running behind the next game must start ASAP.
  15. No full court pressing when up by 15 points.  Teams can resume the full court press when the lead is cut to 10 points.